A First Aid Box that is useful when you fall and get injured or feel sick. What do you really need? When do so can be used by you? Launching the thing you need depending on the mountain you get from the basics. It is possible to buy a pair of First Aid Box you can make your own First Aid Box with your own personal things that you can purchase all at once, or!

Let’s prepare that much first! Fundamental First Aid Box

When climbing in the mountains, you simply cannot go to a medical facility straight away if you are hurt. A First Aid Box is just a tool for providing First Aid in such cases. There are many types, but you want to get mountain climbing with light baggage as you are able to. So, this time I shall talk about the First that is minimal Aid needed for mountaineering.First Aid Box

The set that is basic safe first

We recommend purchasing the set first if you don’t understand what things to start with. If you obtain a set, you’re going to get just as much since you need, so you won’t be wasted if you buy gauze and Band-Aid in a package, you’ll find a lot of them, but. It is tough to get most of the pieces which can be small but should this be the case, you’ll take it to the hill as it is.

First Aid Box

First Aid Box in addition to the kit that is basically a First Aid Box which includes a poison remover and LED lights. Has a guide that is Japanese cardiopulmonary resuscitation procedures and utilizing the AED. This will be suggested if you don’t have anything.

I wish to know the contents regarding the First Aid Box necessary for mountaineering!

Let’s take a better look at the First help Kits needed for mountaineering. Also, the people that are minimum be used in various ways, so let’s know the purpose.

Don’t forget “water”

It is important to thoroughly wash the wound with water whenever you get injured. You may use it with drinking tap water, however, it will be easier to clean the injured part for those who have a bottle of clean water for cleaning and a lid of a PET bottle with a gap.

First Aid Box List


Bandages can cover, fix, and compress the region that is impacted. The technique that is winding with respect to the injury.


Taping is used to correct joints and splints within the occasion of a break or contusion. There are many ankle crushes when climbing, so be sure to prepare for how exactly to wind them. A slightly thicker 5.0 cm one is suggested. As well as injuries, you can repair broken shoes, attach them to avoid footwear rubbing, and utilize them in a variety of means.


plasters Prepare several adhesive plasters of different sizes and kinds. Along with the usual plaster that is adhesive brings a scratch power pad that will relieve the pain of rubbing your shoes.

Sterilized gauze + waterproof film

Sterilized gauze is utilized to safeguard wounds that are large cannot be covered with adhesive plasters. Hygienic wrapping that is specific is advised. It is possible to prevent foreign matter from entering without drying the scratches in the event that you attach a waterproof film from above.


The sling can be used for various purposes such as repairing the part in the correct position due to a fracture, curbing bleeding, and fabric that is wrapping. Considering the situation of an injury that is big as utilizing a sling, it is safe to have two if feasible.

Disposable gloves

Used for very first aid. Make sure to wear gloves to prevent infections when others who are treating you’ll come into contact with blood, body fluids, vomit, etc. In consideration of latex sensitivity, gloves made of non-latex material are suggested.


Scissors for cutting clothes, taping, and bandages for first-aid. For security, it is recommended that the tip is rounded therefore the taping that is thick be cut.


Since thorns often stick within the mountains, tweezers are a product that is vital. Pick out a shape that can be used as additional tweezers, such as for example removing pebbles when injured.

Nail clippers

It really is convenient to own nail clippers when fingernails that are ingrown nails are chipped. Since your fingertips are sensitive, it is possible to enjoy climbing by dealing with nail dilemmas while climbing regarding the spot.

Steroid ointment

Suppresses swelling such as insect bites and rashes caused by plants. There are numerous types of steroid ointments according to their strength, but for over-the-counter drugs, a stronger layer is fully suggested. Make sure to read the package insert usage that is very carefully regarding restrictions.

Poison remover

A device that sucks poison and poison needles from a wound whenever it is bitten or bitten by a pest. Utilize soon after being stabbed to reduce later signs. Go on it to the summertime that is early summer when there are many insects, or into the hills where there are lots of insects.